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5 copywriting tips to reach local travelers ?

Once the Covid-19 pandemic finally recedes, people will start going out again. This means that tourism recovery will begin locally. 


According to Forbes Magazine, 51% of Hispanics feel hopeful that their financial situation will improve in the next six months. So, this is a great opportunity for brands to reach local Hispanic travelers too. 



Given that copywriting plays an integral part within any hospitality and tourism marketing campaign, let’s see the most powerful writing strategies to reach both, Hispanic and non-Hispanic travelers: 


1. Understand their pain points 


If you don’t understand the frustrations your target audience is facing, those marketing campaigns you’re creating will generate a low conversion rate. 


Crafting copy that focuses on their pain points allows you to emotionally connect with travelers. Be like a good friend and show your prospects that you understand how they feel before offering ways to help. 


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2. Embrace the odd effect


A study conducted by Terence Hines of Pace University proves that our brain gravitates toward odd numbers. The simple act of breaking up larger paragraphs into odd-numbered batches, helps the brain process the information in manageable groups.


The more specific your claim, the more authentic and believable you are. We highly recommend you to use odd numbers in your titles for blogs, step-by-step guides, infographics, and other forms of inbound content. 



❌ Razones para visitar las playas de Zuma Beach

✅ 15 razones para visitar las playas de Zuma Beach



3. Use metaphors


Let’s see an example! Try to visualize the following features: 

  • Reliable 
  • Quality 
  • Powerful 


Having trouble? Your brain can’t make you visualize intangible features. And your readers, of course, share the same difficulty. That’s where metaphors can help! 



Keep in mind that metaphors tangibilize the intangible providing your readers with a concrete mental image. A study conducted by Pradeep Sopory and James Price Dillard proves that this technique enhances the impact and persuasiveness of your message. 



✅ Bahía de Fundy, un paraíso terrenal que te cautivará.

✅ Déjate seducir por las maravillas del Parque Nacional Jasper.


4. Describe negative features


Some copywriters and marketers are scared of including drawbacks in their content. And it makes sense! However, an article from the scientific magazine Journal of Consumer Psychology shows that two-sided arguments are more persuasive.  


When you present the positive and negative side of an argument, customers perceive you to be more rational. So they feel more comfortable joining your side. 



By incorporating some negative information, travelers will assume that those drawbacks are the only drawbacks to your argument. So, if you want them to complete a Call To Action, start your copy with a negative idea followed by the benefits. 



❌ Nuestro resort es magnífico porque encuentras todo en un solo lugar. 

✅ Nuestro resort se encuentra lejos del centro, pero cuenta con 15 restaurantes, 7 bares y una discoteca. 


5. Mention your competition


If you don’t mention competing alternatives in your copy, readers are more likely to google other solutions. That’s bad! A study from the Journal of Consumer Psychology reveals that in the mere act of searching, people might think your solution is less attractive. 


However, by mentioning your competition, you prevent that search from happening. Why? Because readers would feel like they’ve already done their homework, so they’re more likely to choose your solution. 



Simply mention the alternatives so that you can explain the difference(s) in your solution.



❌ Somos la mejor agencia de viajes en Florida. 

✅ Otras agencias en Florida te ofrecen eco-tours, pero con nosotros disfrutarás de la naturaleza como nunca. 


As you can see, copywriting is more than sharing words; it blends art and science in order to make a larger impact on the persuasiveness of your message. So, if you want to generate a high conversion rate, contact a copywriting specialist


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