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7 marketing mistakes tourism brands make during COVID ?

The pandemic has changed the way people think, behave, and buy. Beyond how you look as a brand, your actions are what matter.


Are you using the right marketing strategies? Is your content actually attracting this new audience during lockdown? Let’s see the most common marketing mistakes tourism companies make during COVID: 


1. Forgetting about influencers  


Is it a good idea to put money toward the influencer market during a crisis? According to Jade Broadus, Travel Mindset vice president and creative director, the answer is “yes”. 


“Influencers can have a really, really positive effect and help the local communities that people would potentially be going to.” Broadus claims that it’s a great idea to create “day in the life” Instagram Stories of spots an influencer has visited in the past.

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Additionally, Gio Palatucci, director of social media services at Sparkloft Media, says that influencers can also promote trust when it’s safe to start traveling again. That first-person experience is going to help ease travelers’ fear and anxiety.  


2. Ignoring the culture and language 


Overlooking the culture and language of local travelers may result in a low conversion rate. There is no question that English is a widely spoken language, but that doesn’t mean everybody can speak it well enough. 


A study from Common Sense Advisory found that 75% of customers prefer to buy products in their native language. So the only way to emotionally connect with them is by creating content for this audience. To effectively sell to travelers, you must speak their mother language

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3. Overlooking outdoor trips 


After lockdown, travelers are more likely to prefer nature and wildlife over monuments and history. Why? Because this will allow them to put together social distancing and discovery, which in recent weeks they have been unable to benefit from.


So if your hotel or travel agency is not located in an isolated location, you can start selling nature tours in other destinations. Hills, sea, beach, and jungle tours will become popular after lockdown. Take advantage of this and promote outdoor activities! 

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4. Forgetting to promote a safe environment


Most hotels and travel agencies overlook the importance of promoting safety to domestic and international travelers. In today’s serious environment of virus fears and travel restrictions, it’s essential to communicate safety in your marketing campaigns. 


We need to understand that the tourism industry will be facing a new post-COVID-19 reality. Your content might communicate everything the staff is doing to ensure a healthy experience. 

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Photo via 8photo


5. Ignoring storytelling 


Memorable travel experiences are all about stories! Do you actually convey and interpret experiences in a way that engages your target audience? The first important point to recognize is if your content emotionally connects with your target audience. 


Remember the positive impact of storytelling; it allows the viewer to project him or herself into a mental state of experiencing the destination. Instead of focusing solely on information about your tourism products, make sure to create authentic local experiences that resonate with travelers. 


Discover your story and turn your consumer into the protagonist! 

After all, you need to be a source of information that travelers can count on and depend on. It’s an opportunity for you to stand up and to push the recovery forwards when the time comes.

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