Sandy Herrera

The time has come to translate your marketing materials into a foreign language to reach new customers, and for one or several reasons you feel no need to engage a full or part-time employee. You probably think that a translation agency is the answer, but let me tell you something. Today, there are many companies out there deciding to hire freelance translators and writers instead of looking for full-time staff or agency because they have realized the benefits of working with an independent professional.

Here are five reasons to hire a freelance translator and writer:

  1. Affordability

Need new talent but lack the required resources of hiring a full-time employee? Given that freelancers usually work from home and don´t have to meet lots of overhead costs, it´s possible for them to offer more affordable rates. On the other hand, when you work with a translation agency, part of your payment goes to the company while the rest is passed on to the translator, that´s why it is not possible for the agency to offer lower rates.

  1. You avoid training

Among the biggest disadvantages of employing new staff is the need for investing in training before they can contribute to the company, whereas with a professional freelancer you hire work-ready talent that is able to make valuable contributions to your bottom line, such that training will not be required.

  1. A freelancer eliminates the middle man

Working with a freelancer facilitates the communication because you get to work closely with the linguist. If he or she has questions, you will be able to answer them much quicker than if you had to communicate through an agency, allowing the project to move along much faster.

  1. We´re always here

Since freelancers work irregular hours and often more than five days a week, you´ve got a better chance of pushing your project through quickly. On the other hand, if you have questions or need something outside of office hours, you usually have to wait until your employee is available.

  1. Priority

Marketing agencies generally measure themselves by the budgets of their clients, giving priority to companies like Coca Cola, Ford, McDonalds, among other big-budget clients. When you decide to hire an independent contractor, you are the most important client, and your projects get top-priority treatment, your questions get answered immediately, and your edits are implemented quickly.